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Every good Leader must have Charisma

Every good leader has some type of quality which sets him or her apart and causes people to want to follow them. The one quality which stands out the most here is Charisma. I can’t give you a formal formatted definition of charisma except to tell you that it is an intangible quality which causes people to want to follow you.

Every good leader had some trait which made him or her popular. The most charismatic recent president that we had was Bill Clinton. Mr. Clinton had that persona about him and a confident smile that had the fact of endearing you to him. This was so true that when he was caught red handed in a wrong situation people were willing to just shrug it off and go on.

Different leaders have different degrees of charisma and the effect and outcome is intangible so we won’t attempt to analyze it. Another leader who posses charisma is Barrack Obama, although I will say that he possesses a different type of charisma than former President Clinton.

Charisma is a combination of poise, wit, and confidence. The person who is a charismatic leader seems to always have a smile or look like he or she knows some secret that the rest of the world is not privy to. People may gravitate to the confidence which seems to ooze from these people.

The charismatic leader seems to capture all of the attention when he or she walks into a room. They seem to be perfectly calm and natural around people and seem to have a quiet command of the situation at all times. When that person opens his or her mouth to talk people listen.

The charismatic leader brings a unique energy to the room when he or she enters. There have been many leaders who were effective but not very charismatic. People may follow them but it seems that people are not only ready but anxious to follow the charismatic leader.

Charismatic leaders are not necessarily effective in all leadership situations. The situation may arise which demands a certain type of leader, for example an authoritarian leader may be required to lead people through a crisis situation. People will respond to this type of leader during the crisis but when it is over they will seek out the charismatic leader. Some times leadership requires the leader to be unpopular. The task at hand may have to be accomplished but it may not be pleasant. This situation may require the sacrifice of kindness or politics. The charismatic leader won’t shine during this type of situation.

The thing which seems to be the key to this type of leadership is the transparency of this leader. This leader seems to not be concerned about his or her character flews or quirks. Presidents Kennedy and Clinton come to mind here. Both were excellent leaders and known womanizers. They really didn’t seem to try to hide the fact that they were womanizers they just were what they were. I really don’t think that either man cared a whole lot about what the world thought about this. They just did what they did. They knew that they were great leaders so maybe in the big scheme of things the minor indiscretions just didn’t matter to them.<a href=> The Good Life</a>


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