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What Type of Communicator are You?

What Type Communicator Are You?

Did you know that people respond to you according to the signals that you put out when you communicate with them? Even when you are not actively communicating with them your body language tells a lot about you. Is your posture erect or slumped? Is your behavior animated or nonresponsive. Do you speak in a loud and clear voice or a soft mutter? Do you look them in the eye or do you stare at the ground? Are you nervous or relaxed? These are just a few of the characteristics that you display to others which determine the way that they respond to you.

There are several types of communicators which we will discuss here. Some may display characteristics of more than one type but actions generally are very good indicators of personality.

The passive communicator is not very effective at getting people to follow him or her. This person may talk in a low voice and may mumble when they talk to you. His or her reaction to contact with others is generally to run away or withdraw from the communication. The passive communicator is normally very quiet and unassertive. He or she will tend to avoid eye contact or just stare at the ground when they are communicating with you.

This is the type of communicator that I used to be because I just didn’t have much confidence way back when. I have developed more self confidence and I feel as if I fall into the next category of communicator that we will discuss here.

The assertive communicator does not have a problem with their own self esteem therefore it reflects in the way that they deal with others. This person is confident so they are at ease when they converse or interact with other people. Their confidence is obvious by the relaxed manner with which they communicate with others. Other people will pick up on this level of confidence of this type of communicator and accept the leadership of this person. Remember people will follow you only if they perceive you as being self assured. People tend to want a leader that they feel is a winner. The assertive communicator will share strong but relaxed eye contact. This person uses eye contact as a way to help communicate his or her thoughts to you. The assertive person is not afraid or uncomfortable during conversation and may actively seek out communication with others.

I personally feel that this is the most effective leader because he or she can probably persuade people to follow. Leadership is an art to me where the most effective leader is the one who instills an actual desire to follow in the group that he or she interacts with.

The last type of communicator that I will discuss is the aggressive communicator. This is the type who seems to be angry with the world. This person will have strong eye contact which is angry and aggressive. This is the person who rules through intimidation. His or her communication will tend to be aggressive also.

This leadership style is somewhat effective and people will often respond out of intimidation and fear. This is what I call the Darth Vader style of leadership. This type of leader often has to have a more direct hand in everything that happens because people under his or command will often not perform more than they have to out of a fear of failure.<a href=> Riceland Enterprises </a>


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